Debt Consolidation Companies List
A comprehensive directory of Debt Consolidation Companies

What is Debt Consolidation?
Debt consolidation is the process of restructuring many loans, and lines of credit (such as student loans, credit cards into a single lending facility. Normally, the single loan resulting from Debt Consolidation is a lower-interest rate loan than the weighted average interest rate on the multiple loans, benefiting those who seek debt consolidation.

Why use a Debt Consolidation Company?
Debt Consolidaiton Companies and attorneys are normally in the business of negotiating better terms with lenders, hard money lenders and other financing sources. They have established relationships int he business and know how to navigate the complex maze of financial jargon and paperwork better than the average consumer.

What I need to be careful when choosing a Debt Consolidation Company?
There are a lot of good companies out there helping people and businesses consolidate their debt. However, like in any industry, there are less skilled companies and con artists that will add a variety of fees to the resulting loan, adding to your financing burden rather than lowering it. Click here to view the warning from the FTC regarding Debt Consolidation Firms & Credit Counseling Services

The comapanies we are presenting below is a list of companies. We are not related nor are we advocating you use any of the companies offering debt consolidation below but feel free to browse through our list for your reference.

If you would like more information on debt consolidation, please click here to view our FAQ on Debt Consolidation

A 123  Credit Counselors, Inc
Advantage Credit Counseling Service, Inc.
Allen Credit and Debt Counseling Agency
Alliance Credit Counseling, Inc.
Best Credit Service, Inc.
Black Hills Children's Ranch, Inc.
ByDesign Financial Solutions
Community Credit Counselors, Inc.
Credit Card Management Services, Inc.
Cricket Debt Counseling
Debt Education and Certification Foundation
Debt Reduction Services, Inc.
Family Financial Education Foundation
Garden State Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc.
Granite Lake Educational Resources
GreenPath, Inc.
Hummingbird Credit Counseling and Education, Inc.
InCharge Education Foundation, Inc.
Institute for Financial Literacy, Inc.
Momentive Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Inc.
Money Management International, Inc.
Pacific Rim Institute for Development  & Education, Inc.
Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management, Inc.
The Mesquite Group, Inc.




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