Tax Lien Sales Lists
A comprehensive directory of county tax sales & tax lien sales

Tax Lien Sales List by State

When a property owner fails to pay their property taxes, a tax lien is placed on the property.  To return these properties to taxable status, all states conduct some version of a tax sale.  At these Tax Sales, certificates bearing an interest rate or an actual deed to the property are sold. 


California Tax Sales
Texas Tax Sales 
Florida Tax Sales
New York Tax Sales

Alabama Tax Liens
Alaska Tax Deeds
Arizona Tax Liens and Deeds
Arkansas Tax Deeds
California Tax Liens and Deeds
Colorado Tax Liens
Connecticut Tax Liens
Delaware Tax Deeds
Florida Tax Liens and Deeds
Georgia Tax Liens
Hawaii Tax Deeds
Idaho Tax Liens
Illinois Tax Liens
Indiana Tax Liens
Iowa Tax Liens
Kansas Tax Deeds
Kentucky Tax Liens
Louisiana Tax Liens
Maine Tax Deeds
Maryland Tax Liens
Massachusetts Tax Liens
Michigan Tax Deeds and Liens
Minnesota Tax Liens and Deeds
Mississippi Tax Liens
Missouri Tax Liens
Nebraska Tax Liens
Montana Tax Liens
Nevada Tax Liens and Deeds
New Hampshire Tax Liens
New Jersey Tax Liens
New Mexico Tax Deeds
New York Tax Liens and Deeds
North Carolina Tax Liens
North Dakota Tax Liens
Ohio Tax Liens
Oklahoma Tax Lien and Deeds
Oregon Tax Deeds
Pennsylvania Tax Deeds
Rhode Island Tax Liens
South Carolina Tax Liens
South Dakota Tax Liens
Tennessee Tax Deeds
Texas Tax Deeds
Utah Tax Deeds
Vermont Tax Liens
Virginia Tax Liens
Washington Tax Liens
West Virginia Tax Liens
Wisconsin Tax Liens
Wyoming Tax Liens
Washington DC Tax Liens



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