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    Posting of a bail bond. This process involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a bail agent and the individual posting bail. The bail agent guarantees to the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the judge requires them to.

    For this service, the defendant is charged a percentage of the bail amount (typically 10% of the bail amount in California). For example, if the bail amount is $10,000.00, the premium charged is $1,000.00. Before being released the defendant or a relative or friend of the defendant, contacts a bail agent to arrange for the posting of bail. Prior to the posting of a bail bond, the defendant or a co-signer must guarantee that they will pay the full amount of bail if the defendant does not appear in court.

    After an agreement is reached, the bail agent posts a bond for the amount of the bail, to guarantee the defendant's return to court.

    If the defendant "skips", the cosigner is immediately responsible for the full amount of the bail. If the defendant is located and arrested by the bail agent the cosigner is responsible for all expenses the bail agent incurs while looking for the defendant.

    These premiums are not refundable and upon the release of the defendant are fully earned. Any expenses incurred in the transaction of a bail bond, such as long distance calls, travel, or posting fees are to be paid by the indemnitor to the bail agent. It is the responsibility of the defendant or indemnitor to supply accurate information.
    The defendant is obligated by the bail agreement to appear at each and every court appearance required by the court. The failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the bond. Failure to act immediately can add up expense, such as tracing fees, court costs, and attorney fees if legal action is taken. The indemnitor is liable. The law provides that the associated expenses can not exceed the face amount of the bond.
    You are no longer liable for the defendant's bond when he/she has completed all of their court appearances, and when all premiums have been paid. It is best to contact the agent when the bond is exonerated by the court, for the fast return of any collateral pledged and to confirm that the bond is exonerated.
Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds, 700 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 213-452-0503
Mad Dog Bail Bonds 511 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205


Richies Bail Bonds 4720 E. Los Coyotes Diagonal - Long Beach, CA, 90815 562-986-9669
David Barraza Bail Bonds 116 Astronaut Onizuka St, Los Angeles, CA, 90012 323-263-8099
Speaker Bail Bonds
2322 West 74th Street - Los Angeles, CA, 90043 323-758-6404
Superior Bail Bonds 674 County Sqr. Dr. 209-b - Los Angeles, CA, 93003 323-645-3030
City Bail Bonds 711 N Main St, Suite 106 - Los Angeles, CA, 90012 213-625-2245
America Paz Bail Bonds 102 S Main St - Los Angeles, CA, 90012 213-383-3533
Patel Bail Bonds 5220 Clark Ave Suite#100-d - Lakewood, CA, 90712 562-866-7666
Accelerate Bail Bonds 955 North Vignes Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 213-229-0024
1-1-4 Bail Bonds 7703 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90003 213-628-1419
1A Bail Bond 415 North Camden Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310-271-5444
Aaron's Bail Bonds 815 North La Brea Avenue Inglewood, CA 90302 310-412-4100
Absolute Freedom Bail Bonds Po Box 91096 Los Angeles, CA 90009 310-827-6030
A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds 3929 South Gramercy Place Los Angeles, CA 90062 323-508-2430
1 2 3 Bail Bonds 1108 Irving Avenue Apt 6 Glendale, CA 91201 323-667-2245
AA Bailbond 3303 Del Mar Avenue Rosemead, CA 91770 626-280-1108
A # 1 Bail Bonds 15602 Francisquito Avenue La Puente 626-918-1148
Absolute Bail Bonds 45100 Yucca Avenue Lancaster, CA 93534 661-255-0516
Able 2 Help Bail Bonds 423 West Lancaster Boulevard Lancaster, CA 93534 661-948-1791
Acme Bail Bonds 900 Avila St Los Angeles, CA 93030 805-581-4900
A Sharky's Bail Bonds 104 South Glendale Avenue Glendale, CA 91205









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