Landfill Remediation
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Landfill Remediation
Service Companies

Griffin Dewatering Corp. - Houston, TX
Manufacturer, Service Company
Landfill remediation services. Services include large dia. drilling dewatering & recovery wells 8 in. to 48 in. diameter, groundwater & soil remediation construction, landfill leachate wells & vent wells, slurry walls for groundwater control & foundations, interceptor trenches & groundwater

GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. - Norwood, MA
Service Company
Phase I & II environmental site assessments. Environmental management services. Varied & integrated services to assist with the management of environmental, health & safety (EH&S) & engineering challenges related to the operation of existing facilities, closures & the design & construction

EQ - The Environmental Quality Co. - Multiple Locations
Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certified landfill remediation services. Landfill remediation service capabilities include total project management, excavation, transportation, disposal & construction management. Remediation projects include USEPA superfund clean-up, landfill cap & closures,
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. - Norwell, MA
Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
Landfill remediation services. Landfill remediation services feature include direct landfill, solidification, macroencapsulation, microencapsulation, metals stabilization & chemical oxidation. Markets served include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, refinery, petrochemical, utilities, retail,...
Korlipara Engineering - Melville, NY
Service Company
Landfill remediation services. Environmental consultants offering environmental engineering services, environmental hygiene engineering services & environmental investigations which include audits, hazardous waste management & Phase I & II studies.
US Environmental - Downingtown, PA
Service Company
Landfill remediation services. Capabilities include underground storage tank removal, decommissioning, decontamination, demolition, site restoration, MGP site remediation, landfill & environmental capping & maintenance, soil vapor extraction, excavation & removal of contaminated materials,...
AWT Environmental Services, Inc. - Sayreville, NJ
Service Company
Remediation services for environmental & landfill applications. Capabilities include surface impoundment remediation, contaminated soil excavation & disposal, groundwater system installation, landfill closures & capping, bioremediation, plant closure & decontamination, organic peroxidation
Transtech Industries, Inc - Piscataway, NJ
Service Company
Service Company Provides Construction, Remedial & Maintenance Services At Landfills, Commercial & Industrial Sites & Manages Methane Gas Recovery Operations.
SCS Engineers - Long Beach, CA
Service Company
Solid waste management & environmental engineering services.
Acrion Technologies, Inc - Cleveland, OH
Service Company
Landfill Services. Offers Landfill Gas Cleanup & Utilization.
Dobbs Environmental - Covington, GA
Service Company
Consulting, engineering, construction, & testing for environmental & infrastructure issues including air quality, groundwater, solid & hazardous waste management, bioremediation, composting, sampling & analysis, permitting, site assessment, health & safety, permitting, regulatory compliance,...
National Earth Services, Inc - Lancaster, PA
Service Company
Landfill Remediation Services Including Cell Construction, Capping, Crushing & Screening, Gas Work, Fusion & Fabrication.

Landfill Remediation - Summary Overview

Landfill Remediation

Why Remediate Landfills?

The main reasons and benefits behind landfill remediation are:

To rehabilitate contaminated areas
To redevelop/rezone land areas
To create new landfill capacity of up to 60%

The Challenges of Landfill Remediation

There are many challenges that environmental engineers face during landfill remediation. The following needs to be managed effectively:

Difficult working conditions for personnel on site
High demands on segregation technologies to separate different material types, as well as coarse and fine fractions
The need for gas extraction, gas stabilisation and neutralisation
Dust abatement measures

Landfill Remediation Solution landfill remediation

A complete and comprehensive solution for landfill remediation includes:
Preliminary investigation of the landfill
Feasibility study and safety plan
Logistics, excavation and transportation
Landfill gas stabilisation and neutralisation
Opening of landfill and mining of landfill material
Separation of material and chemical characterisation
Treatment on site or off site and backfilling
Characterisation and treatment of contaminated ground water

The landfill remediation process is carried out in four main stages:

The first stage of the landfill remediation process is to stabilise landfill gas. Methane and other noxious and hazardous landfill gases are treated and neutralised.

landfill during remediationSTAGE 2: MINING

Once an aerated area is stabilised, mining of material occurs in 3 metre layers. Fleet logistics is the key to the moving of large volumes of materials to the sorting stations. Abatement measures are necessary to minimise dust formation and air pollution.


The next stage of landfill remediation is material sorting and separation. The separation of materials is based on the following principles:
The careful handling and subsequent treatment of landfilled waste
The classification of materials according to its properties
The application of low cost and robust sorting technology

STAGE 4: TREATMENT landfill after remediation

The last stage of landfill remediation is the process and treatment of the sorted materials. The handling and treatment of these sorted material includes:
Recycling and reuse of recyclables which includes ferrous and non ferrous metals, wood waste and glass
Incineration of toxic and hazardous waste like chemicals
Plastics are treated and converted into refuse derived fuel (RDF)
Inerts like rocks, stones and sand are graded and backfilled into the landfill


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