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United Industries Group, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA
Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturer of water remediation equipment with 1,000 gal. to 12,000,000 gal. storage capacity. Industrial & municipal, purification, modular & portable units & systems, water bottling & bottle making machinery, fillers, cappers, rinsers, water vending machines, liquid & dry bulk storage

Gems Sensors & Controls - Plainville, CT
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Liquid level switches & visual liquid level indicators, transmitters, switches & alarms. Flow, pressure & temperature switches & alarms, including magnetic float, electro-optic & ultrasonic types. Custom or stock products available.

Mycelx Technologies Corp. - Gainesville, GA
Manufacturer of water remediation equipment & systems including separators, vessels & filters. Separators & filters remove fats, oils & greases, machining oils, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, fuels, PCBs, & solvents & particulates.
Cultec, Inc - Brookfield, CT
Distributor, Manufacturer
Manufacturer of water remediation equipment. Complete stormwater & septic management systems including large-capacity plastic chambers with patented interlocking rib connections, plus filtration, conveyance, storage & infiltration components.
Enviro-Equipment - Pineville, NC
Distributor, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Manufacturers' Rep, Service Company
Woman-owned distributor of standard & custom remediation equipment & systems for soil, water & groundwater remediation. Remediation equipment include air strippers, oil & water separators, pilot test units, storage tanks, pneumatic groundwater pumps, electric groundwater pumps, transfer pumps
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. - Norwood, MA
Service Company
Phase I & II environmental site assessments. Environmental management services. Varied & integrated services to assist with the management of environmental, health & safety (EH&S) & engineering challenges related to the operation of existing facilities, closures & the design & construction
Pond Solutions LLC - Fargo, ND
Manufacturer of water remediation equipment for wastewater treatment pond & lagoon biological stabilization applications. Creates surface renewal for increased sludge digestion, visibility, surface tension, biological activity & photosynthesis, oxygen, bacteria, algae levels, odor control
Korlipara Engineering - Melville, NY
Service Company
Water remediation equipment. Environmental consultants offering environmental engineering services, environmental hygiene engineering services & environmental investigations which include audits, hazardous waste management & Phase I & II studies.
Culligan Reynolds H2O Plus
Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer & distributor of water & groundwater remediation equipment & systems for residential, commercial & industrial applications. Products include drinking water systems, water filtration systems, bottled water, water softeners & pure softener salt.
AWT Environmental Services, Inc. - Sayreville, NJ
Service Company
Environmental remediation services, with capabilities including site remediation, hazardous & solid waste removal, lead abatement, plant services & underground storage tanks removal. Environmental services are available for industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, R&D
Mulry & Creswell Environmental, Inc. - Glenmoore, PA
Service Company
Full service environmental consulting & contracting. Environmenal testing to remediation to closure. Environmental site remediation & restoration. Underground storage tank (UST) closure & compliance. Environmental site assessements including Phases I - IV. Hydrogeologic studies.
Croy Pump Manufacturing - Largo, FL
Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 certified custom manufacturer of water remediation equipment including skid-mounted diesel & electric dewatering pumps for environmental industries. Dewatering pumps are available with stainless steel, brass & bronze components & pump rate up to 8,000 gpm.
Product Level Control, Inc. - Burnsville, MN
Manufacturer, Service Company
Design & manufacturer of environmental equipment & industrial control systems for treatment of soil & ground water contamination.
Tonka Equipment Co. - Minneapolis, MN
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Manufacturer of water remediation equipment. High percentage reduction of naturally occurring gases & volatile organic contaminants from groundwater sources. Forced & induced draft designs with unique internal packing media for low & high iron applications
Siemens Water Technologies - Warrendale, PA
Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturers & Marketers Of Water & Wastewater Treatment, Technology, Components, Systems, & Plants; & Water Distribution Equipment & Supplies For North America's Cities, Municipalities, Developments & Businesses. Comprehensive Products For All Industrial/Commercial Requirements
Sdix - Newark, DE
Immunoassay-Based Test Kits For Field/Laboratory Testing. Contaminated Waste Site Assessment, Remediation, Water Quality Management, Food Safety Monitoring
Piper Environmental Group - Castroville, CA
Manufacturer, Service Company
Minority & woman-owned manufacturer of remediation equipment including ozone trailer for groundwater remediation applications. Groundwater remediation equipment includes oxygen generator, ozone generator, stainless steel pump, stainless steel contact tank & ambient ozone monitor.
Hoffland Environmental Inc. - Conroe, TX
Custom Engineering & Manufacturing Of Turnkey & Packaged Wastewater Treatment Systems & Equipment For Environmental Pollution Control

Bord na Mona Environmental Products Greensboro, NC
Wastewater Treatment, Water Reuse and Odor Control manufacturer


Groundwater Remediation Pump and Treat Overview

Groundwater pumping is a component of many pump-and-treat processes.The primary objectives of groundwater pumping include the removal of dissolved contaminants from the subsurface and containment of contaminated groundwater to prevent migration.

The first step of any remediation project consists of defining the remedial action objectives to be accomplished at the site. This involves gathering enough background information and field data to assess remedial requirements and possible cleanup levels. The first determination is whether cleanup or containment will be the most appropriate remedial action. If cleanup is chosen, the level of cleanup must be determined. If containment is chosen, groundwater pumping is used as a hydraulic barrier to prevent off-site migration of the contaminant plumes.

The next step consists of the design and implementation of the groundwater pumping system, based on data evaluated in setting the goals and objectives. The criteria for well design, pumping system, and treatment are dependent on the physical site characteristics and contaminant type. Actual treatment may include a train of processes such as gravity segregation, air strippers, and carbon systems tailored to remove specific contaminants.

Another step of any groundwater extraction system is a groundwater-monitoring program to verify its effectiveness. Monitoring the remedial system with wells and piezometers allows the operator to adjust the system in response to changes in subsurface conditions caused by the remediation.

The final step is determining the termination requirements. Termination requirements are based on the cleanup objectives defined in the initial stage of the remedial process. The termination criteria are also dependent on the site-specific aspects revealed during remedial operations.

Groundwater pump and treat technologies may include one or more of the following processes:

  • Liquid-phase carbon vessels:
  • Air stripping towers
  • Oil/water separators
  • Addition of caustic chemicals
  • Clarification
  • Filtration
  • UV/ oxidation

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