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Soil Remediation
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Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, LLC - Willis, TX
Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
Preventative maintenance consulting services including inspection of thermal oxidation technologies such as electrical & mechanical inspections inside & outside of each piece of equipment. Other services include engineering, rebuilding, installation & consulting.

VTEQE LTD - Bayport, NY
Service Company
Environmental consulting, engineering & remedial operations & management firm providing soil consulting, testing & remediation services. Specialized services include soil & ground water quality delineation, subsurface investigation, waste transportation & disposal, groundwater monitoring, etc.

US Environmental - Downingtown, PA
Service Company
Soil remediation services . Capabilities include underground storage tank removal, decommissioning, decontamination, demolition, site restoration, MGP site remediation, landfill & environmental capping & maintenance, soil vapor extraction, excavation & removal of contaminated materials, segregation
Code Environmental Services, Inc. - Carteret, NJ
Manufacturer, Service Company
Soil remediation services for brownfields, superfunds & other areas with contaminated soils. Services include contaminant delineation, soil & sediment excavation & dredging, backfill & grading, excavation dewatering, sediment/sludge stabilization, landfill/lagoon closure, site restoration
Buchanan Veteran Services - Little Falls, NJ
Service Company
Specializing in contracting for demolition, industrial cleaning, construction services & other state, local & federal government contract needs, including environmental remediation services for contaminated soil &/or contaminated ground water. Remediation services include excavation etc.
Mulry & Creswell Environmental, Inc. - Glenmoore, PA
Service Company
Company Profile: Full service environmental consulting & contracting. Environmenal testing to remediation to closure. Environmental site remediation & restoration. Underground storage tank (UST) closure & compliance. Environmental site assessements including Phases I - IV. Hydrogeologic studies.
GEL Engineering - Charleston, SC
Service Company
Soil remediation services with the capability to service highway median spills to leaking tanks at RCRA sites. Programs developed for the assessment, characterization & remediation of contaminated sites. Services include soil & groundwater assessment, underground storage tank (UST) assessment, etc.
Daico Water Management - Valrico, FL
Distributor, Manufacturer
Manufacturer & distributor of water filtration & purification equip. Ground water remediation services.
Brand Names: Betis, Vacume
Hallaton, Inc. - Towson, MD
Distributor, Service Company
Soil remediation services including environmental assessments, investigations, remediation & disposal, permit development, laboratory analysis services, contaminated soil removal/disposal, in-situ & ex-situ bioremediation, groundwater extraction & treatment, on-site stabilization & fixation, sludge, etc.
Griffin Dewatering Corp. - Houston, TX
Manufacturer, Service Company
Groundwater & soil remediation services . Capabilities include evaluation, design, fabrication, installation & operation of systems to control, remediate or remove groundwater. Services include large diameter drilling dewatering & recovery wells 8 in. to 48 in. diameter, groundwater & soil...
Eldredge, Inc. - West Chester, PA
Manufacturer, Service Company
Soil remediation & removal & disposal services. Services include chemical/industrial cleaning, high vacuum truck service, facility decontamination, utility manhole maintenance, soil excavation, storage tank removal/installation, waste storage vessel/containers & carbon filtration/physical...
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. - Norwood, MA
Service Company
Phase I & II environmental site assessments. Environmental management services. Varied & integrated services to assist with the management of environmental, health & safety (EH&S) & engineering challenges related to the operation of existing facilities, closures & the design & construction of...
EQ - The Environmental Quality Co.
Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certified resource recovery including soil remediation, removal & disposal services. Soil remediation service capabilities include total project management, excavation, transportation, disposal & construction management. Remediation projects include USEPA superfund...
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. - Norwell, MA
Distributor, Manufacturer, Service Company
Soil remediation services . Capability include removal of 30 cubic yd. of residential, oil-contaminated soil to 20,000 cubic yd. of DNT-contaminated soil. Markets served include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, refinery, petrochemical, utilities, retail, engineering, consulting, health-care
Focus Environmental, Inc. - Knoxville, TN
Service Company
Remediation engineering services include treating contaminated soil with thermal treatment technology providing regulatory & engineering expertise to develop & implement elements of HWC MACT compliance program. Serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology & medical device industry
Anco Environmental Services, Inc. - Berkeley Heights, NJ
Service Company
Environmental engineering, consulting, contracting, liability assessment, liquid storage, asbestos abatement, tank inspection, soil & groundwater remediation, contamination delineation, septic system management service
AWT Environmental Services, Inc. - Sayreville, NJ
Service Company
Soil removal & disposable remediation services. Remediation services are available for environment, landfill & soil applications. Capabilities include surface impoundment remediation, contaminated soil excavation & disposal, groundwater system installation, landfill closures & capping
Remediation Service International (RSI) - Ventura, CA
Manufacturer, Service Company
Portable, Co-Generative Systems For Air, Water & Soil Pollution Remediation. Units Feature Remote Monitoring System

The Phoinix Corporation- Seattle, WA
Service Company
Company providing Environmental Remediation, Construction, Project Management, Stormwater Erosion Control, Groundwater Monitoring, Site Investigation and Compliance, Environmental Consulting and Oil Field Support Services.

Brown Environmental Services - Newtown, PA
Service Company
Contracting services in Soil Remediation, Groundwater Remediation, Surface Water Remediation and Lagoon Closures.


Soil Remediation Technologies

shell gas station soil remediationContaminated soil represents a growing challenge. The more than 30,000 potentially contaminated sites in Canada represent a lost economic opportunity and threat to the health and wellbeing of Canadians and the environment. This contamination is the legacy of industrialization and insufficient environmental legislation and enforcement.

Globally hundreds of thousands of contaminated sites have been identified and require clean-up. The growing need for soil remediation is poised to become a large driver of technology, products and services for years to come.

The soil remediation sub-sector includes any company that provides technologies and/or services that assist in the assessment, clean-up, decommissioning or rehabilitation of soil contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, inorganics, heavy metals and radioactive wastes. These can be found in a variety of sites such as oil and gas operations, mines, industrial complexes, waterways and harbours, leaking underground storage tanks, etc.

A Role for Technology

Technologies to remediate contaminated soil fall into two principal clean-up approaches: in-situ (which is always done on-site), or ex-situ (which can be done on- or off-site). In-situ treatment deals with contamination without removing material from the ground. Ex-situ treatment requires the removal of contaminated soil for treatment or landfilling.

in-situ soil remediation systemSelecting and/or designing the right clean-up approach require skill and innovation. Most contaminated sites contain a complex cocktail of contaminants as well as unique site features (geology, hydrology, etc). As such, tailored approaches and technologies are required on a site-by-site basis, as determined through a site characterization and assessment. Other factors involved in technology selection for a particular site include the end goal for clean-up (i.e.: how clean the site is required to be), risk, stakeholder concerns, technological feasibility, available budget, etc.

Table 1 provides some sample remedial technologies and the contaminants and the applications that they are often associated with. Technologies in bold are conventionally used for each contaminant. However, the market is dominated by a few key proven clean-up options due to convenience, effectiveness/practicality, ease of integration into remediation systems, cost and acceptance, including:

  • Evacuation & landfill (the most utilized option to date)
  • Air sparging
  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Low temperature thermal desorption
  • Incineration
  • Surface capping and containment
  • Natural attenuation
  • Bioremediation (emerging as an economically competitive option)

This being said, there is a growing preference for in-situ approaches, and for niche technologies for specialized chemicals which cannot be treated by other remediation technologies.


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